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November 16, 2018 Home

Horse Trekking & Riding in Greece

Horseback riding holidays bring you closer to nature and allow you to explore parts of the island that you normally wouldn’t see. Horse riding is known as a sport and also a leisure activity. In the distant past, when there was no proper transport system in the world, people used horses as their mode of travel. Thus many people knew how to handle and ride a horse. Around the world today, not many people travel by horse, but still people ride them for pleasure. Visitors to Greece have recognized this country as a wonderful place to go horse riding. This is simply because Greece offers a beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, wonderful spots for sightseeing, and many places to explore and see what Mother Nature has in store for you. Hydra Island is vehicle-free. An eco-friendly paradise.Here you’ll find no traffic, no rushing vehicles and loud mopeds. If you are traveling to Greece for a holiday or just a weekend break, then you should try horse riding in Hydra! Hydra is an amazing ecotourism and alternative tourism destination,offering a big range of activities.You will have an adventure unlike any other of your life.