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Horse treks to Hydra’s mountains,beaches and monasteries

Discover Hydra island Greece with Argyris’ Hydra Horses. Leading Horse treks on Hydra island by experienced guide. Argyris can take you just anywhere on the island. He can also arrange for his guests to visit the various monasteries and meet the nuns or the monks who live there. Explore with the locals on a horse!

Saint Constantine Monastery 

The Cathedral of Saint Constantine the Hydriot is located on the top of the Kiaffa area. Saint Constantine is Hydra’s patron saint. The church is built in the location of the saint’s home. You can visit the monastery (with prearrangement), enjoy the view over Hydra Town and the Saronic all the way to the Peloponnese, and take photos. This beautiful and easy ride is suitable for all ages and riding abilities.

Profitis Ilias Monastery

The monastery of Profitis Hlias is located on the slope of Mount Eros, Hydra’s highest peak. Its history begins in 1813. During the revolution of 1821, Theodoros Kolokotronis was imprisoned in the monastery. Today you can see old pictures, the wooden temple, and the library. It provides breathtaking views of the island and the Peloponnese. You can visit the monastery (with pre-arrangement) and see the interior. This beautiful trek passes through the pine forest visible on the mountain above Hydra Town.

Panagia Zourva Monastery 

On the east side of Hydra, atop of the unspoiled rocky hill of Ano Zourva, rises the Monastery of Zourvas, built in 1814. It can be accessed through an ascending path and offers stunning panoramic views to the surrounding wild landscape and the sea. On the way to the monastery you will see other churches as well. Hydra writer George Sahinis says that the sacred image of the Virgin was found in year 1776 in a cave on the estate of Eleftherios Giannikas, who founded the monasery. Today the holy image is in the Catholic Holy Monastery and has been masked by silver leaf and gold. It is open to the public. We advise against this trek in late afternoons as we don’t want to get caught in the dark. We also advise that novice riders use pack saddles.

Saint Matrona

The monastery of Agia Matrona is located in the hills above Agia Fotini cemetery. Starting from Agia Fotini, we follow a rocky path up the mountain, eventually coming to the ‘Mill’, the ruins of an eighteenth-century stone windmill. At this point we take the path that leads to up the monastery. Agia Matrona is a convent or nunnery, celebrated on March 25 and October 20.Two nuns live there today. They make beautiful rosary bracelets and incense. The nearby small chapel of Agios Sozon, together with the monastery, creates stunning scenery. You can visit the monastery (with pre-arrangement) and buy handmade rosaries and incense.

Saint Evpraxia Convent 

The convent of Saint Evpraxia is located adjacent to the Monastery of Prophet Elias on a slope of Mount Eros, Hydra’s highest peak. It was built between 1807 and 1819. The church of Agias Eupraxias stands in the center of the convent. The nuns were famous for their beekeeping and weaving. It is said that the nuns used up to eight looms to make rugs and carpets. After a beautiful trek through a pine forest, you can visit the convent (after prior arrangement) and see the interiors.

A life time horse riding  experience full or beautiful memories for all nature lovers!

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