About Us


I am Argyris Kalamatianakis.I  have been working with equines on Hydra since the age of eight, having learned the trade from my father, Christos. Together we delivered supplies by mule to the island home of celebrated singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. I have  been riding up into the mountains since I was a child and know all the paths, routes, and stories.I have cared for horses, mules, and donkeys for more than thirty years, developing expertise in how to manage with these animals safely and humanely, no matter their size or kind. My horses are well trained and calm and very comfortable around people. They are my family.

My wife  Christina Stamatakou, owner of the up-market fashion boutique Speak Out and founder of White.Weddings & Events, a boutique planning company in the center of Hydra’s picturesque, cosmopolitan harbor is my co partner.

Our small family-run riding company offers its services year-round.

We are  nature and animal lovers. We live on Hydra all year around with our 9 equines, 1 dog and 2 cats (ok.we have more cats!) When we do not work or  travel to buy new things for the shop, we go hiking and riding up into Hydra’s mountains.

Argryris’ Horses offers rides around town and to the neighboring villages, as well as to the island’s monasteries, out to its more remote beaches and villages, and up into the mountains. The views are phenomenal.

Wedding carriage service is available too.

Our “crew” consists of 5 horses and 4 donkeys ( please note, donkeys are not used for treks. Only for photos).

Be our guest and come to explore hidden Hydra together!

Important note!

We are a small independent family company and we have no relationship with the horses you may see at Hydra’s Port. You can book our services only through  e mail or phone. We keep our equines at our stables and you won’t find us at the port.

Thank you!

Horse Riding In Greece – Hydra Island

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